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At 360 Legal, our goal is to become a trusted Process Server partner for our clients.  We understand that the legal services we provide represent your firm and that frequently the Process Server is the initial contact that your firm has with a defendant.

About Us | Process Server

We are a Process Server Firm based in Sarasota, Florida. Our Professional Process Servers strive to provide a comprehensive legal suite of services that are focused on delivering unmatched efficiency, accuracy, and quality while meeting all legal and regulatory provisions.   Our experienced and reliable staff of Professional Process Servers offers unmatched services utilizing innovative technologies that keep you up to date on your case load in real-time.  Additionally, since Process Servers don't only perform service of process during normal business hours, clients are able to access our case management system, 360 Totalview™ 24 hours a day to view real-time status of any service we provide. This includes the ability to initiate Process Server service requests and retrieve relative case documents.

  • Experience
  • Reliability
  • Comprehensive Service Offering
  • Industry Leading Technology

Why Choose Us?

Experience. Reliability. Comprehensive

Our Process Servers have on average a decade or more experience in the default industry.  We know a thing or two because we have served a thing or two!  Our goal is to become an extension of your staff so that we can work hand in hand as your cases move through service and to eFiling.  Our Service of Process offers more than just processing your documents.  Our experienced staff of Professional Process Servers reviews each document to ensure it is properly formatted and contains all the necessary information for a successful, quash free service. 

We have specific services tailored to each of our service sectors. Few, if any other, Service of Process Firms understand the intricate differences between foreclosure, collection, family, tenant, and insurance practices. Each of our service offerings are designed to meet the unique requirements of our clients.
Our Service of process platform, 360 TotalView™ and our proprietary address scrubbing technology, Theia™, were designed over several years using extensive input from our clients and technology partners. All of our technology is completely focused on improving our client’s metrics and service commitments to their clients. We know what you need and how you need it, because you told us.