Process Server | Court Services

Our experienced and reliable team of Professional Process Servers can process your document retrieval requests in a matter of hours.

Local, Nationwide, or International the professional Process Servers in our service cloud maintain excellent working relationships with clerks through the legal system.   Our courier network is available to move documents between offices or process special requests. Each and every client request is digitized and filed in our Service of Process management system to ensure that copies are maintained in a secure environment and are easily retrieved 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Our eFiling service adjusts to your needs as required. We can eFile your initial pleadings, supplemental pleadings, and affidavits to ensure that critical filing deadlines are met, and your cases keep moving forward. Our 360 eFiling service is intrgrated in 360 TotalView™ and provides seamless efficiency and accuracy.  Each and every document and update is stored in 360 TotalView™ to enable clients to receive status updates and other critical information in real-time.