The Client Code....

We are a Client First Legal Service Company!

I would like to say that The Code was my original idea, but I can’t. The foundation of the code was instilled upon me over 27 years ago when I was lucky enough to get my first “real” job. It was with a technology company and the importance of the foundation of the code became glaringly apparent very quickly – “We exist for, and because of our Clients”. That foundation Tenant is still just as true today as it was then. In today’s business environment clients are more independent, more impatient, and less trusting of businesses than ever before. They share their dissatisfaction widely and loudly, and we realize that they can easily choose one of our competitors. If you don’t understand that your companies very existence is due to your clients, then your business won’t be around very long. We realize that our clients are our greatest source of growth. And yet many businesses, while they say they are client-first, are actually client … eventually. 360 Legal will always be client first!

If you are visiting our site and considering using our services, I hope that you take a few minutes and read The Code. It describes our shared set of principles and beliefs here at 360 Legal about operating a company where clients want to engage with us. It will govern how we interact with you as a client. If you are an existing client, please don't hesitate to let me know if we are living up to the aspirations we layout in The Code. In my experience, I have learned that it is not about the product or service that you provide, but how you deliver it that is important to your clients. It’s about making your clients more successful, building relationships by doing the right thing, and focusing on the long-term even when it’s not the easiest decision.

At 360 Legal, we understand that by focusing on our clients, our business will grow better. This is growth with a conscience and this is what it takes to create a company that's truly remarkable. This is 360 Legal!

The Tenants......

We are here to Serve! 360 Legal’s core mission is to help our clients manage their service of process and associated legal services. We will listen to our clients for feedback then act to improve the client experience. 

Yes, I said that! Our associates understand that your time is precious. We strive to communicate effectively and efficiently. Most importantly, we will follow through with action!
We want the right outcome for our clients. Doing the right thing is never easy. In fact, doing the right this usually more difficult which is why most companies fall short. At 360 legal, we will strive to get it right, even if it is hard!
Everyone makes MISTAKES, everyone! However, you always know the person or the company better by what happens after the mistake. At 360 Legal, we will take responsibility for our mistakes by OWING them, apologize, then make it better.
This is the foundation of the other tenants. 360 Legal and all our associates will operate in an ethical way with our peer employees, server partners, clients and business partners.
You are known by the company you keep. We strive to be the best business partner in the industry. We realize and appreciate that everyone at 360 Legal brings a unique contribution to our company culture. Everyone at 360 Legal is respected and valued for their contribution to 360 Legal’s corporate culture.