Collection Services

No matter the location, our Professional Process Servers have the Experience, Reliability, and Comprehensive Services to get the job done!

Collection cases can and often do have unique service requirements and service rules for our Process Servers.  Typically, documents must be personally served because they call for incarnation as a possible outcome of the action against the defendant.  Garnishments must be served expeditiously on the defendant or financial institution and timely notification provided to the firm to ensure financial institutions can comply with civil rules.

Our collection portfolio of services was designed to ensure your firms’ success and compliance with your clients’ KPIs.  Each of our services are structured to eliminate common flaws which might jeopardize the hard work you have done preparing your complaint or cause the last-minute denial of your motion or judgment.  We monitor each attempt by oru Process Servers thoroughly with GPS tracking and photographic evidence of all attempts to avoid unwanted surprises at your hearings.  Our 360 THEIA™ technology delivers unsurpassed location service to ensure your defendant is served. Need service in Key West, Florida – No Problem. Fairbanks, Alaska – we have you covered. Our national Process Server network has you covered!

Relax, it is 360 legal!