Process Server | Collection Law

We are a Process Server for cases seeking to recover money or assets requires. This speciality requires a Process Server with special levels of Experience, Reliability, and Comprehensive Services.

From the moment you submit your documents for service by our Professional Process Servers, our 360 THEIA™ technology compares your service data to our extensive location database and provides additional insight into the validity of the location of your defendant. Collections cases are often complex and depending on jurisdiction and even document type, Service of Process requirements vary widely. Including additional data like GPS and Pictures of service address insures that all of our service returns include an additional layer of verification.  Errors on returns and delays in filing with the court can cause costly delays like case dismissal or denial of judgement. 360 Legal’s commitment to reliable error free Service of Process is unmatched in the industry. 

Our Process Server partner cloud consists of over 1,400 verified vetted partners. , all service information and documentation are captured and relayed to our clients in real time. Our Process Server technology platform, 360 TotalView™, coupled with our knowledgeable and experienced staff enable us to provide service in any venue while maintaining accuracy, accountability and delivering real-time updates to our clients