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Vice President - Tampa

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Experience, Reliability, and a Comprehensive service offering, that’s 360 Legal!

As Vice President, Ms. Heath is responsible for managing the day to day operations in the Tampa office and provides direction to 360 Legal's Investigation division.   With over 30 years of experience in the default industry, Ms. Heath has been on the forefront of defendant location technology and simplifying the Affidavit of Due and Diligent Search. She is a licensed Private Investigator and also holds an Investigative Agency license with a Bachelor’s degree in Criminology and English from Belmont University. 

As founder of Accu-Search, Inc. in 1991, Ms. Heath established a partnership with Provest, LLC. There she pioneered their initial skip tracing/investigative methodology. Initially, she led a team of over 30 investigators who performed all of ProVest's skip trace/investigations for more than 15 years.  Her philosophy on the importance of locating an accurate, current address for the client has evolved from many years and hours of direct investigations and consultation with leading information vendors such as Database Technologies, now known as Transunion TLO. Consulting with these pioneers in the location services industry, she was instrumental in developing a “Comprehensive Data Set” that provides investigators critical information in one report that drives efficiency of service of process metrics and address accuracy information for our clients.

With her leadership, knowledge and skill locating and discovering defendant information has put 360 Legal at the top of the industry for the highest “locate” rate, bringing unprecedented value to our clients.  Implementing her methodology at 360 Legal has reduced service attempts, lowered costs of an ongoing file, and eliminates unnecessary publication fees or Motion to Quash hearings which can add thousands of dollars in client costs.  Angi has a stellar reputation in the Civil Courts in Florida. Judges know and respect her extensive experience as a professional witness. In the rare instance of a quash hearing, she personally defends all of 360 Legal's affidavits. Our Clients can be confident that our work exceeds the Statute 48's requirements for a Due Diligent Search and can “relax” knowing that 360 Legal will locate their defendants and increase their service rate! 

Ms. Heath is very involved in the community outside of work by teaching youth on Sunday morning at her church, The First Baptist Church of Tampa. There she is also involved in women’s ministry and mentorship program, and works with Amazing Love Ministries feeding the homeless.  She very active combatting Human Trafficking in the Tampa area and is known for having an open home for someone in need, fostering youths or adults that needed a new start or just a place to call home. 

If you are a Managing Partner or Servicer, and considering 360 Legal as a vendor partner, please click on the shield at left or the following link and take a moment to read The Code.  If your current vendor partners aren’t treating you as a client,, don’t hesitate to ask me how 360 Legal can help your firm. If you are a current client, please let me know how we are doing and if we are meeting your expectations and those in The Code! 

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Professional Experience

Accu-Search, Inc.

June, 2011 Principle

Ms. Heath was responsible for the company’s day-to-day operations. Her primary focus was executing the company’s strategic business development objectives while providing best in location and skip tracing services service and support to customers. Ms. Heath founded Accu-Search in 2005. She was instrumental in establishing the strategic direction of the new company, capitalizing Accu-Search and focusing the company to drive value for clients.


Jan, 1991 Senior Vice President Major Accounts, Sales and Service

She pioneered methodologies of skip tracing/investigative technology in the Default Industry. Initially, she led a team of over 30 investigators who performed all of ProVest's skip trace/investigations for more than 15 years.