Why you should hire a Professional Process Server Instead of the local Sheriff.?

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What rules govern a process server

Why you should hire a Professional Process Server Instead of the local Sheriff.

many times clients choose to have a professional process server carry out service of process instead of a sheriff.

Here’s why.......

Who Do I Hire? Professional Process Server or Sheriff?

“You’ve been served!” is a phrase one has heard at some point in their life whether it’s been on television or in person. In the court system, this phrase signifies service of process. Service of process is one of the first steps taken when someone files a lawsuit or any other legal action is taken in the United States. Service of process was established to give proper notice to a defendant of legal action being brought against them. Our judicial system established service of process as a way of ensuring due process in the legal process. 

Who is Authorized to Serve Legal Documents?

 In some jurisdictions, any adult without involvement in the case can serve legal documents to the opposing party. This is not the most reliable route to complete service of process, which is why a plaintiff typically hires a professional process server or a sheriff. Both individuals are trained agents for service and must follow strict rules of civil procedure. 

Professional Process Server vs. Sheriff

Professional process servers and sheriffs are both tasked with serving summons and complaints, writs and other various legal documents. Without these professionals, many cases would never see their day in court. But many times clients choose to have a professional process server carry out service of process instead of a sheriff. Here’s why:

Priority of Service

A professional process server’s job is prioritized around serving various legal documents and notifying individuals of legal action being taken against them. Sheriffs serve process, but many times it isn’t at the top of their task list due to many other important responsibilities they have. Sheriffs are generally paid a salary and typically aren’t incentivized to complete service of process in a timely manner.  Because of this, complete service of process can take weeks, sometimes months!

Speed of Service

For many clients, time is of the essence. Because of this, using a sheriff isn’t always the best choice for service of process. When a sheriff finally gets around to attempting service it is usually only during the normal business hours of 9-5. These hours are problematic when personal service is required at a residential address because most people are at their place of employment normal business hours. 

Professional process servers make service attempts at times outside normal business hours, including attempts on the weekend. Because of this, professional process servers are more likely to provide timely process of service.

Customer Service

Professional process servers are part of a business entity that wants to keep their clients happy. In order to keep clients happy, customer service is essential. A big part of customer service for a professional process server is providing updates on service and answering questions in a timely manner. 

Many clients, especially law firms, prefer professional process servers because they do a much better job of communicating and providing service updates. A county sheriff's job isn’t dependent upon keeping clients happy. Sometimes the only communication you may receive from a sheriff is proof of service or non-service sent via certified mail

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