Trust 360 Legal to Be Your Miami Process Server

Error Free Service, Exceeding Critical Timelines, and Industry Leading Performance Metrics, That is 360 Legal!

When your organization needs a certified process server you can rely on for efficient, professional service of process in Miami, 360 Legal is the answer. We make sure firms can deliver papers quickly and accurately with our extensive service of process support, including document preparation, proof of service, vendor management, foreclosure sales, and more. Our comprehensive experience, nationwide process server partners, and cutting-edge technology make us the ideal choice to deliver an array of legal documents, including:

  • Summons and complaints

  • Eviction summons and complaints

  • Foreclosure complaints

  • Writs of garnishment and replevin

  • And more

360 Legal helps organizations across the state and beyond maintain and serve process in Miami. Center of the second-largest metropolitan statistical area in the Southeast, “The Magic City” is renowned for its multicultural arts, entertainment, and commerce. Bordered by the Everglades and home to some of the best beaches in the world, Miami is also a hot spot for nature enthusiasts, as well as those just wanting to kick back in the warm sunshine. Serving process in a city of such diversity requires an equally diverse skill set—and as our name would imply, this is 360 Legal’s specialty.

With expertise in the Florida Rules of Civil Procedure and over a decade of experience on average, 360 Legal’s Miami process servers can maintain and serve papers with unmatched precision and speed. We’re certified in the 11th Judicial Circuit and certified or sheriff-appointed throughout the state, meaning we can serve papers wherever (and whenever!) you need. And since our know-how is as broad as the ground we cover, we’re ready to meet the unique requirements and regulations of your practice area and your clients’ industries. No matter the circumstances, 360 Legal is the process server for dependable, quash-proof service of process.

What sets 360 Legal apart from other process servers is the innovative, industry-leading technology we use to keep you updated and to ensure timely, compliant service of process every step of the way. With our proprietary service of process system, 360 TotalView™, you can submit service requests, monitor costs, view and download documents, generate reports, and more. If you want the important data and collaborative tools of 360 TotalView™ in software your employees are already comfortable with, let our IT staff enhance your case management system with our custom electronic data interchange solution, 360 Integrate™.  When it’s so easy to work with your process server, we’re not just your partner—we become an extension of your organization.

When your client needs a process server that can comply with the complex federal, state, and local regulations they themselves must adhere to, place your faith in us. 360 Legal’s team boasts ample experience in banking, creditors’ rights law, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, and information security. Our diligent compliance experts will guarantee our service of process support remains fully compliant, all the way from document preparation to delivery. You want all-inclusive, worry-free service of process in Miami—360 Legal delivers.

Relax, it's 360 Legal!