West Palm Beach’s Expert Process Server

Error Free Service, Exceeding Critical Timelines, and Industry Leading Performance Metrics, That is 360 Legal!

Don’t gamble on the success of your cases with other process servers—360 Legal is the ally you need to ensure accurate, efficient service of process in West Palm Beach, the state as a whole, and beyond. From document preparation and delivery, including proof of service every time, to foreclosure-specific efforts, vendor management, and more, our support is all-inclusive and invaluable. With a coast-to-coast network of partners and the best technology in the business, we’re the clear choice to handle a variety of legal documents, such as:

  • Summons and complaints

  • Eviction summons and complaints

  • Foreclosure complaints

  • Writs of garnishment and replevin

  • And more

Based in Sarasota, 360 Legal is the leading source for service of process in Palm Beach County and surrounding counties. Boasting gorgeous beaches and waterways, West Palm Beach is also home to performing arts venues, the annual music festival SunFest, and several museums, including the largest in Florida, the Norton Museum of Art. Downtown supplies ample shopping and dining, while nearby Palm Beach Zoo and Conservation Society and South Florida Science Center and Aquarium offer fascinating family fun. With exceptional service to match the city’s exceptional experiences, we think 360 Legal is a perfect fit for West Palm Beach!

Led by founder and CEO Mike Weaver, 360’s Legal’s certified process servers are qualified professionals you can trust to serve papers quickly and correctly. With a history of successful service and intimate knowledge of the the Florida Rules of Civil Procedure, each member of our team is ready to meet the unique requirements and regulations of your practice area and your clients’ industries. Moreover, we have partners across the nation and are certified or sheriff-appointed in every applicable county in the state. Wherever you need process served, 360 Legal has you covered.

What makes 360 Legal the premier West Palm Beach process server is more than our comprehensive expertise and meticulous attention to detail. Our clients benefit from some of the most innovative, useful technology in the business with our custom service of process system, 360 TotalView™. Stay ahead of your court cases by submitting service requests, tracking costs, viewing and downloading documents, and producing reports at any time, day or night. Additionally, 360 TotalView™ empowers you to monitor key performance indicators, keep an eye on important deadlines, and evaluate vendor compliance. Don’t settle for a more complicated experience—360 Legal makes working with your process server easier than ever.

Our name matches the all-around service of process support we give our clients, which surpasses the capabilities of the average process server. For example, we’re able to act as representation at live and online foreclosure sales, providing digitized documents, clerk fees, and bidding instructions in 360 TotalView™. We can also verify occupancy and generate property condition reports, deliver loss mitigation documents to homeowners, and find heirs and other relevant parties with our proprietary location technology, THEIA™. When you need a dependable partner to not only serve process for your firm but go above and beyond, look no further than the experts at 360 Legal.

Relax, it's 360 Legal!