Your Process Server Partner in St. Petersburg

Error Free Service, Exceeding Critical Timelines, and Industry Leading Performance Metrics, That is 360 Legal!

When your organization needs a process server you can rely on for efficient, professional service of process, there’s no better choice than 360 Legal. We make sure process is served quickly and correctly with our extensive support, which goes beyond the average process server and includes document preparation, vendor management, foreclosure sales, and more. Our history of exceptional service, countrywide process server affiliates, and market-leading technology make us the go-to for a variety of legal documents, such as:

  • Summons and complaints

  • Eviction summons and complaints

  • Foreclosure complaints

  • Writs of garnishment and replevin

  • And more

Based in Sarasota, 360 Legal helps firms across Florida and beyond prepare and serve process in St. Petersburg. Nicknamed “The Sunshine City,” St. Petersburg is known for its beautiful weather and beaches, making it a hotspot for vacationers and retirees alike. But what sets the city apart from others in the state is its multitude of cultural attractions, including seven different arts districts as well as myriad museums and galleries. Additionally, downtown often plays host to a farmers’ market, parades, and live music, and guests have many high-end restaurants and unique shops to visit. With one-of-a-kind service to match the city’s one-of-a-kind character, we think 360 Legal is a perfect fit for St. Petersburg and its organizations!

Led by founder and CEO Mike Weaver, 360 Legal’s process servers are seasoned professionals and experts in the Florida Rules of Civil Procedure. Each drawing upon more than a decade of industry experience on average, they have the know-how to serve papers in a fast, quash-proof manner with proof of service every time. Sheriff-appointed in Pinellas County and certified or sheriff-appointed in all other applicable counties, we’re the partner you can turn to for dependable service of process anywhere and everywhere. And our broad knowledge means it’s always compliant with the special requirements and regulations of your practice area and your clients' industries.

When you work with 360 Legal to serve process, you give your organization a game-changing experience with our innovative customer portal, 360 TotalView™. Day or night, log on to submit service requests, monitor costs, view and download documents, generate reports, and more. And if you want the crucial data and collaborative tools of 360 TotalView™ in software your employees already know, we can augment your court case management system with our custom electronic data interchange solution, 360 Integrate™. When it comes to serving process and staying on top of your caseload, it’s never been as effortless as this.

What puts the 360 in 360 Legal is our comprehensive suite of legal services that no one else can match. For instance, we can verify occupancy and provide reports on property condition, deliver loss mitigation documents to homeowners, and find heirs and other necessary parties with our proprietary location technology, THEIA™. What’s more, if you’re located in Florida, trust us to represent your organization at both live and online foreclosure sales, supplying digitized sale documents, clerk fees, and bidding instructions in 360 TotalView™. Our expertise in numerous specialties makes us your one-stop shop for legal support. From service to eFiling, in collection law, foreclosure law, family law, and beyond, 360 Legal has you covered.

Relax, it's 360 Legal!